Wedding ring #GOALS

An engagement ring can be the topic of conversation for months after you've said yes, but the wedding ring can often turn into a last minute decision, especially when you're busy choosing flavours of cake and shapes of dress for the big day. 

If you haven't spent much time thinking about that piece of jewellery you'll probably be wearing for the rest of your life, let us inspire you using the medium of Instagram.

Clean cut and contemporary, but no compromise on the sparkle! 

One of our fav 💍 shots! #weddingportraits

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The newly wed Mrs Alvarez knows how to work her wedding rings for the Instagram #win.

I can not believe I just got married!!!

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Meanwhile Everett NYC are bringing in the big guns in terms of rings that were made for each other. Check out this Carat White Rose Cut Solitaire with the Aster Diamond Band.

Stone and Strand have got every bride covered with this dainty selection of vintage vibe rings. 

Getting stoned 💍

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If you're all about that bling, Trabert Goldsmiths should be on your Instagram hit list. All that glitters IS gold (and silver, and rosegold and yellow gold and platinum, and ya-no, precious metals).